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Wealth Management re-imagined

Unleash the power of financial planning to build trust with retail customers.

The digital platform that enables financial entities offer a personalized goal-based advisory service

Focus on client needs and achieve maximum reward

Let clients define their SMART financial goals and offer the right products at the right time.
Grow Sales

With a “friendly” sale.

Financial products will be seen as a mean to an end: clients goals.

Cost Efficient

100% digital process.

This is Service as a Software.

Real insights

Clients financial plan generate data that can be turned into new opportunities.

Longer term clients

Focusing on the goals, instead of the path, increase the lifetime value of your clients.

Your wealthtech partner

Financial planning

Inveert´s digital platform empowers end-customers to set up their financial goals, current situation and risk profile

Personalized investment proposal

Our algorithm builds up a goal-based investment proposal with a >80% probabilities of accomplishment by allocating client risk profile according to goals time horizon. Client is informed how much to contribute each month and is recommended the most suitable financial product for each goal

Ongoing advisory

Our algorithm tracks the evolution of every goal and continuously calculates how to improve the probabilities of accomplishment. On top of that, clients can customize their financial plan at any given time, so the investment proposal adapts to personal, financial and/or goal changes.

A win-win strategy

Smart Planning leads to Smart Selling
Digitalization and automation was just the beginning, now it´s time to to re-invent the service
To let clients define their SMART financial goals and switch the conversation into how can its financial entity can guide them effectively throughout their journey.
To explain the steps they should take in simple terms.
To maximize their probabilities to meet all of them by making the most of their money.
Because only when clients feel everything is being taking care of and its financial institution becomes a partner is when everything else come together

Easy to implement technology

Our RESTful API is well documented to facilitate a full API integration quickly. This allow product and marketing teams to implement our solution in a seamless manner in a customized user experience.
Our SaaS integration allow all type of financial institutions to easily implement our workflow. We will customize the look-and-feel with the company´s logo, colours and typography.
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